This Is Me…Sort Of

Today I am a mother of two great kids, a girlfriend to a great guy who gave me two more kids as part of a blended family and all around fantastically funny (at least, that’s what my mom tells me).  I live in Northern Ontario (no, not in an igloo) and work for the Ontario Court of Justice as a Court Clerk/Registrar (no, I’m not Bull from Nightcourt).  Our winters are cold (average is about -25C in January) and our summers are warm (average about +25C in July).  I have a black Labradoodle named Pepper Potts and a toy Poodle named Charlie – both girls and both ridiculously cute (except when Pepper drools, or Charlie’s wart, which we’ve fondly named Carl, rubs my hand).

Born in raised in Canada, I am a Northern girl at heart who loves camping, bon fires, shopping and I love to read and write and I even love my job!  I enjoy Horror genre based books, YA Paranormal Romance, YA Dystopian, any kind of fiction except for mysteries, Self-Help books (I mean seriously, who DOESN’T love those?), law journals and case law (okay, I was kidding about those last two).

I am the author of two completed novels, Halo – a YA paranormal romance, and Liberty – a YA Dystopian.  I have had poetry published with online ezines, won two online writing competitions (trust me, you haven’t heard of them) and also wrote a few short stories within the horror genre.  Writing is fun, writing is cathartic, writing is relaxing, writing is invigorating and writing is hard.  But then again, so is brain surgery while listening to Mozart, so…meh.

I’ll give you the cliched “Thanks for stopping by” and “Y’all come back now, y’hear!”  Or better yet, in the immortal words of Foghorn Leghorn, ‘I say, I say, I say now, thank you!”

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