Moving, Writing and Dogs, Oh My!

Well, it’s been about 8 years since my last blog (ok, maybe only 4), but wowzers, we sure have been busy!

September came and went and so did we.  We sold the house and had to find a new one and be out all within just over three weeks.  Never one to be daunted by such madness, I took on the challenge and we found a wonderful new home.  Sounds easy enough, right?  As if ANY move is ever easy.  Getting the moving truck packed only to find out it wasn’t big enough, so securing another moving truck at the last minute, as well as loading up half ton trucks and even a boat – yes a boat.  We did it though, and are in love with the new digs.  The kids are very happy and even though the dogs kept getting shut into different rooms by mistake, they’ve become accustomed to all the room too.

Then, my lemon, I mean car, decided after five long and ridiculously costly years, to die on me.  Five years is quite long for a car and I’m so happy it decided to quit on my way to work one fine, snowy morning.  I bought the car brand new, built it at the dealer and three weeks later, watched it get unloaded off the truck onto the lot all shiny and spankin’ new, to find out it was the worst built car ever.  I won’t belittle it’s manufacturer or model here, but I will tell you I’ve placed a few choice phone calls to 1-800-GMCANADA to voice my concern.  Now, I’ve been car-less for a couple weeks, waiting to see what the manufacturer will do for me.

Then, my oldest monster started high school football season.  That’s always a fun season in the house as we all enjoy attending games, screaming, I mean cheering, until we’re hoarse, sipping hot chocolate.  That is, unless it’s this year’s season, which started late and ended late, meeting up with a freak cold snap and several minor snow squalls.  Thank God the furniture pads from moving were still in the truck for the last couple games.  Yes, we looked like fools wrapped in them, but when it’s -6 degrees celsius (yes, celsius) along with a rain-snow mix, you do what you have to do to encourage and cheer on your darling monster.

Then, almost everyone in my workplace decided to better themselves and take secondments to other ministries.  I highly encourage people to try different things and develop skills and am very happy for my colleagues that they got to experience different work environments.  But losing them for a period of time meant very long days for those of us that stayed behind.  I love my job, truly I do, but I also quite enjoy my sanity (what little there is of it) and was ever so pleased to come home each night, in the dark, to unpacked boxes, tumbleweed dust balls the size of grapefruits blowing around the house along with my monsters and sweetie wondering what sustenance I was providing for them.

Then, my writing – oh wait, I HAVEN’T HAD A BLOODY CHANCE TO DO ANY WRITING!


But, all’s well that ends well, or so they say.  Here’s to a better next couple of weeks, to more writing to a wonderfully finished and unpacked home and to all of my American friends having a fantastic Thanksgiving!

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